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Hello! And welcome to your new journey for capturing that perfect and unforgettable moment. Before we begin, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nikki Engelby, and I am thrilled to share these future golden moments with you.

There is something about photography that I think is tragically looked past by most. When you take a picture, you aren’t just taking a picture. You are freezing that moment in time. Time will move forward, age will fall upon us, but we will always have that photograph to reflect back on, and get stuck in time all over again, as often as we want to. I realized that photography was my life calling, and I have decided to answer that call.

Engelby Images was officially established in 2015, after I received my Bachelors Degree from Utah State University. However, I have been working endlessly to get the perfect photo and just the right angle since 2013, when I started my degree. The name was inspired when I stole my husband’s last name, and it’s been history ever since. I chose to use the word “images” in my title, because in my mind, "images" speaks volumes past the term, “photography”. Photography is something that you do, but you already know that I do that. An image is a dream. I specialize in weddings and newborn photos, and each couple that I’ve had the pleasure of working with always approaches me with an image of what they would like. My goal is to help create and accomplish that image for you, perhaps go above and beyond. I want you to be able to look back on the image that you dreamt about, past the wrinkles of time, and smile as you relive these dreams.

With each photograph taken, a memory is established behind it. For example, each wedding that I snap memories of, I see the vibe between the bride and the groom, that although hard times may come, that day, they had it all, and their love will help them conquer any bad day. As I work with newborns, I notice the gentle nature between the mother and child that comes so naturally, and the silent bond of protection that radiates from the father. These vibes and this energy, is something that only a picture could repeat. Words will not always do the trick.

That is why I am here now. As previously mentioned, I do believe that photography and creating these images for individuals and families, is my life calling. I hope to learn from each experience that I get to share with you, and to share my talents with you in return. I look forward to the memories that we will get to capture together.

Yours truly,

Nikki Engelby

Contact me
Tel: (801)678-0247
Email: engelbyimages@gmail.com

Layton, UT

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